DJ HiPrayze’s Classic Album 1

Tramaine Hawkins – Tramaine

Produced by Walter Hawkins for Walter Hawkins Productions

All songs written by Walter Hawkins

© All songs copyrighted by Libris Music & Walter Hawkins – BMI

(P) 1979 Lexicon Music, Inc.

Light Records / A Division of Lexicon Music, Inc. / Waco, Texas


Song List:

  1. Look At Me
  2. Lord I Try
  3. I’ll Be With Him
  4. Holy One
  5. Call Me
  6. Highway
  7. When You Pray
  8. Will You Be There (with Walter Hawkins)

Tramaine Hawkins – Tramaine is one of the most influential and innovative albums of all time.  The musical arrangements by Walter Hawkins along with the angelic vocal stylings of Lady Tramaine Hawkins changed the course of Gospel Music.  Traditional Gospel Music fans and secular music listeners asked the same question, “Is this Gospel Music?”  In addition to the music, album art caused quite a stir in the Christian Community as some people exclaimed, “There is no way she is saved!  Look at her red, long, painted finger nails!”  Yes, Lady Tramaine made a statement with her music and her look.  This album represented the voice and look of the Modern Christian Woman.

Over and above the innovations and the controversy that this classic album sparked, the spiritual messages conveyed by each featured composition is clear and uncompromised.  Tramaine Hawkins – Tramaine is an album that will never age and will be enjoyed by future generations.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to explore each of the songs from this classic album.  I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

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