Important Announcement

Hello, Everyone:

It’s really me, Brian N. Brooks (DJ HiPrayze).

I am informing you that I am no longer using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn due to hackers attacking my accounts. If you see any friend requests coming from Brian N. Brooks or DJ HiPrayze or DJ HiPrayze Radio or BiblosRadioit is not me.

Going forward, I will be communicating with you through and my website,  Daily posts will be available through my blog entitled “Discussions“.  You will still have the ability to post comments!  Subscribe to stay up-to-date on breaking news from DJ HiPrayze! Stay in the know about “DJ HiPrayze Radio”, “Joycast with DJ HiPrayze”, and “Comfort Zone with Babbie Mason & DJ HiPrayze”!

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. It is an honor to serve The Lord and His people.

God bless you.

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