New Music by Isaac Stalk

Faith & Journey” means believing in God to get us through the inevitable ups and downs of life (THE JOURNEY). – Isaac Stalk

When you mention the name, Isaac Stalk, people scratch their heads and say, “Who?” However, once you google the name, you see that Isaac Stalk is a musician and recording artist with several songs under his belt already. Many of the songs are in the Baltimore Club Music style but he recently released a Holiday instrumental entitled, “Give Love On Christmas Day,” a song originally recorded by the Jackson 5. Isaac’s rendition is a modern, keyboard driven, cover of the original and it actually sounds pretty good. It’s available on Spotify and other digital outlets. Take a listen…you won’t be disappointed. Dig a little deeper into Isaac’s background and you find that Isaac is a Voting member for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). This is the same organization that puts on the yearly Grammy Awards. In fact, Isaac sits on the Grammys Baltimore Outreach Committee. That’s very impressive for someone most people have never heard of.

Having grown-up in Baltimore, MD, Isaac Stalk knew that he could touch souls through music and through his keyboard playing. Affectionately referred to as @Teddy Riley in high school because of his piano and keyboard playing ability, Isaac is no stranger to the music industry. 

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