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DJ HiPrayze (a.k.a. Brian N. Brooks) is the host of Joycast, heard each Saturday and Sunday at 6:00AM and 6:00PM (Eastern Time) during DJ HiPrayze presents… on DJ HiPrayze Radio and each Sunday night at 9:00PM (Eastern Time) on Babbie Mason Radio.

During this 30 minute energetic program, DJ HiPrayze plays music that inspires the heart and uplifts the soul. This show creates an atmosphere of reverence to God while featuring the host’s vast knowledge of Gospel music through the decades. You’ll enjoy DJ HiPrayze’s  deep appreciation for diversity in Gospel music, while bringing the old school and the contemporary into the spotlight.


Joycast” Show 01 (Final) (Gospel Spotlight: Gladys Knight – How Great Thou Art)

In Loving Memory

Joycast” Show 02 (Final) (Gospel Spotlight: Rev. Louise Williams Bishop – A Deck Of Cards)

Rev. Louise Williams Bishop_ A Collection Of Gospel Greats

Joycast” Show 03 (Final) (Theme: Prayer)

Joycast” Show 04 (Final) (Theme: Faith)

Joycast” Show 05 (Final) (Gospel Spotlight: Darin Atwater – The Gospel Train)

Soulful Symphony_ Song In A Strange Land

Joycast” Show 06 (Final) (with Leslie Eaddy-Brooks and Dr. Edward Eady)

Joycast” Show 07 (Final) (with Margaret Bell)

Gotta Keep Movin' (CD Single)

Joycast” Show 08 (Final) (Theme: God’s Love)

Joycast” Show 09 (Final) (with Babbie Mason)

Hymns And Blessings

Joycast” Show 10 (Final) (Co-Host: Jason N. Brooks)

Joycast” Show 11 (Final) (with Phil & Brenda Nicholas and Jennifer Nicholas)


Joycast” Show 12 (Final) (with Billy Gaines)


Joycast” Show 13 (Final) (with Vera Okoro)

Make Your Way...Songs for the Journey

Joycast” Show 14 (Final) (Theme: Mahalia Jackson)

Gospels, Spirituals, And Hymns

Joycast” Show 15 (Final) (with Richard Smallwood)

Anthology Live

Joycast” Show 16 (Final) (Co-Host: Jimmy Childress)

Joycast” Show 17 (Final) (Theme: Thanksgiving)

Joycast” Show 18 (Final) (Co-Host: Leslie Eaddy-Brooks)

Joycast” Show 19 (Final) (Gospel Spotlight: Babbie Mason – The Blessing)

Hymns And Blessings

Joycast” Show 20 (Final) (with Vanessa Bell Armstrong)


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